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About Us

A ”fazenda” in the Portuguese region of Ribatejo is a small plot of arable land. Our enterprise is made up of several fazendas connected to one another and combining a total of 14 hectares of certified organic production. There, among other products, we produce our aromatic and medicinal plants.
Located in the municipality of Tomar, next to the Castelo do Bode dam, the microclimate created by this large body of water and the mountain of Aire offers perfect and unique conditions for growing herbs.
Over the years, we have been pushing organic agriculture to new levels, following the latest principles and guidelines on Regenerative Farming. We do not use fabrics or plastics for pest control. Our land has year-round vegetation cover that promotes and improves the well-being of the agricultural ecosystem, favouring biodiversity, rhythmic biological cycles, water retention and fighting land degradation and soil erosion.
Weeds and pest controls outside of the harvesting season are done using sheep. This adds organic matter to the land, improving the soil’s overall biological performance.
Our endeavour is to regenerate and maintain the overall food production system, and to include local rural communities and consumers in that process.

More than Organic, it is Sustainable Farming.

Our priority is not just to produce the best quality products. We believe in the importance of maintaining a balance between what we extract from the soil and give back to our land. This ensures that our farming approach is not degenerative but instead regenerative, therefore benefiting the land, and the world. Our farming methods are designed to produce high quality, healthy herbs and at the same time, to promote sustainable agricultural practices that have a positive impact on the agricultural ecosystem. This way and by following chemical-free protective practices such as green fertilisers and manures, by planting evergreen hedges, and via many other techniques, we promote our land’s fertility and local biodiversity.
In Organic Farming, we do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, nor genetically modified organisms. This way, our farming methods are driven by key principles of consumer’s choice and safety, avoiding chemical residues in our herbs and therefore safeguarding the well-being of all our customers.
Our animal husbandry approach is compliant with all requirements in hygiene and animal welfare legislation and ethics; we follow feeding practices adapted to our animals’ physiology and reject the usage of hormones or antibiotics to promote their growth. Our livestock grazes on natural pastures, having the space and freedom to express their natural instinct and behaviours.